Joovy Room 2 Playard Review: Does size matter ?

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Who should choose the Joovy Room?

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Details: Build Quality & Safety

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Details: Usability richtig hütchen handeln binäre optionen

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Details: Design

You know what i kinda hate? All these new moms who think that they need to forget about their former lifes. I mean, there is nothing wrong with being a mommy, but why should i forget my sense of style just because i now have to care for an infant child ?! And let’s face it, there are tons of baby furniture pieces out there looking incredibly hideous, childish etc. This is why i like the Joovy Room, because it’s slick and modern design fits in every house or appartment! The stylish polyester mesh is airy and makes sure your baby doesn’t develop claustrophobia 😉 Already talked about the Aluminium tubing on the outside ..oh yeah, it also comes in different colors: black, red, orange, yellow, purple …if you do like it more colorful 🙂

orange joovy room with 2 babies

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Potential Problems

If you are living in a very small appartment, this pack-n-play is not for you. Get a Graco instead.

Also, some customers have reported a weird smell. If you also got this problem, try to vent it outside. Sometimes, these smells go away after a while. If you are one of the unlucky few stricken with a very smelly joovy, don’t be shy and contact their customer care. They WILL send a non-smelly replacement. Also do not forget that 32lbs can be heavy for some, but if you want size and built quality the joovy room is for you!

My Verdict

If size does matter to you, the joovy room 2 will bring you a lot of joy. It’s clean cut design is just one of it’s many advantages. It’s also portable, easy to handle and made of quality materials. One of the downsides: It can be too heavy for some, Moreover, some pieces may smell, but the manufacturer is willing to send replacements if you should be one of the unlucky few. If you are looking for a safe, big and quality playard, this one is for you. Is it the best pack-n-play available? That depends on your priorities. If you are looking for something cheaper, smaller and more portable, the Graco Pack N’ Play is worth a consideration.

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